Use of personal data in United Bankers Group

United Bankers Group processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act and the special legislation on financial services, ensuring privacy protection and securing banking secrecy during the processing of the personal data. Personal data is used for the management of customer relationships, the offering of products and services, marketing and risk management.

Personal data are managed with several personal data files in the United Bankers Group and a separate file description has been written for each file. The personal data file descriptions of all United Bankers Group companies that process customer data can be found at the bottom of the page.

Data can be obtained from the data subject, public registers maintained by authorities and credit registers. Data can also be obtained from other sources upon the client’s consent, such as the administrator of property or employer. Due to banking secrecy, United Bankers Group may only disclose data to third parties upon the consent of the person the data concerns or, for example, to authorities, if required by legislation.

United Bankers Group companies have a legal right to disclose customer data to other United Bankers Group companies that are bound by identical secrecy obligations. Data may be used for the management of customer relationships, risk management and marketing. Information on United Bankers Group companies is available at the web service

Rights of the data subject

By virtue of the right of access determined in the Personal Data Act, everyone has the right to know whether their personal data has been stored in the personal data files of United Bankers Group. If their data is stored in the file, the data subjects in question have the right to know which personal data has been stored. In addition to the above, data subjects are entitled to request the rectification or supplementation of their personal data, if the data stored in the personal data file contains errors or deficiencies. Data subjects of the personal data files of United Bankers Group companies have the right to deny the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes by United Bankers Group companies, by issuing a notification of refusal to the company in question. The aforementioned requests and refusals shall be sent to the address United Bankers Group, Aleksanterinkatu 21A, 00100 Helsinki. The person requesting the data must prove their identity.

Use of cookies on the website

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UB uses cookies to provide customised information and services to its clients. The information collected with cookies is used to produce targeted advertisements on the basis of the visitor’s interests. In targeted advertising that uses cookies, the website visitor is not identified and the collected data is not linked to the visitor’s personal data that might have been obtained from other sources. Cookies do not damage the hardware or files of users.

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