Fund values
Forest funds
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UB Timberland Fund A15.06.2017106.70---0.651.523.15--1.52Buy here ›
UB Timberland Fund I15.06.2017107.03---0.701.633.36--1.63 
Real estate funds
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UB Nordic Property Fund A30.06.2017103.57---1.852.993.99--2.99 
UB Nordic Property Fund I30.06.2017104.06---1.603.224.44--3.22 
UB Nordic Property Fund R30.06.2017101.40---1.40-----Buy here ›
UB Nordic Property Fund T30.06.2017103.82---1.563.114.22--3.11 
Fixed income funds
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UB Fixed Income Plus20.07.2017104.330. here ›
UB LCR20.07.2017105.06- 
Regional equity funds
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UB American Equity A20.07.2017137.90-0.98-0.78-2.18-1.91-1.373.9630.97--1.64Buy here ›
UB American Equity Growth20.07.2017296.54-0.99-0.77-2.17-1.86-0.776.0136.59110.04-1.04 
UB American Equity Profit20.07.2017278.96-0.99-0.78-2.17-3.06-1.994.7131.6097.59-2.25 
UB PF Finland A21.07.2017159.23-0.78-2.03-1.505.6710.1622.7345.07-11.30Buy here ›
UB PF Finland Growth21.07.2017434.35-0.78-2.03-1.485.7310.2923.0146.05130.2311.44 
UB PF Finland Profit21.07.2017337.91-0.78-2.03-1.482.336.7419.0541.36122.827.86 
Infrastructure equity funds
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Fund show graph date NAV1 d1 vk1 m3 m6 m1 y3 y5 yytd 
UB Emerging Markets Infra A21.07.2017141.47-0.15-0.412.831.6010.237.5827.36-11.71Buy here ›
UB Emerging Markets Infra Growth21.07.2017239.48-0.15-0.392.901.8010.578.3530.0757.1512.11 
UB Emerging Markets Infra I Growth21.07.2017111.31-0.15-0.402.861.7010.45---- 
UB Emerging Markets Infra Profit21.07.2017190.81-0.15-0.402.90-0.877.765.5920.9138.569.27 
UB Infra A21.07.2017143.880.021.24-1.714.1710.075.8226.78-9.66Buy here ›
UB Infra Growth21.07.2017236.750.031.25-1.664.3310.396.4529.0867.8610.02 
UB Infra Profit21.07.2017166.710.021.25-1.661.377.273.4418.7045.026.91 
Real estate equity funds
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Fund show graph date NAV1 d1 vk1 m3 m6 m1 y3 y5 yytd 
UB Asia REIT Plus A21.07.2017143.23-0.71-0.18-1.01- here ›
UB Asia REIT Plus Growth21.07.2017181.67-0.71-0.17-0.94-0.965.674.7437.0568.378.32 
UB Asia REIT Plus I Growth21.07.2017107.49-0.72-0.19-0.98-1.065.45---- 
UB Asia REIT Plus Profit21.07.2017136.67-0.71-0.17-0.94-4.451.951.0524.8046.194.50 
UB European REIT A21.07.2017143.05-0.460.54-0.563.358.224.7825.31-5.29Buy here ›
UB European REIT Growth21.07.2017284.45-0.450.55-0.523.498.505.3027.2166.575.59 
UB European REIT Profit21.07.2017168.05-0.460.55-0.53-0.194.651.5715.7841.541.84 
UB Global REIT A21.07.2017134.90-0.820.38-1.35-2.571.24-3.1918.91--0.21Buy here ›
UB Global REIT Growth21.07.2017214.30-0.820.39-1.31-2.431.54-2.6121.0754.750.13 
UB Global REIT Profit21.07.2017120.31-0.820.39-1.30-5.81-1.99-5.999.5430.39-3.35 
UB North America REIT A20.07.2017118.77-1.34-0.30-3.19-9.25-5.62-8.26---6.96Buy here ›
UB North America REIT Growth20.07.2017120.32-1.34-0.29-3.15-9.13-5.38-7.80---6.70 
UB North America REIT Profit20.07.2017120.32-1.34-0.29-3.15-9.13-5.38-7.80---6.70 
UB Real REIT21.07.2017142.98-0.94-0.84-1.36-3.14-0.52-2.3214.5140.67-0.78Buy here ›
Other funds
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Fund show graph date NAV1 d1 vk1 m3 m6 m1 y3 y5 yytd 
UB Real Asset Fund A, Growth21.07.2017100.95-0.010.350.290.96-----Buy here ›
UB Real Asset Fund A, Profit21.07.2017100.95-0.010.350.290.96-----Buy here ›
UB Real Asset Fund I, Growth21.07.2017101.11-0.010.370.331.09----- 
UB Real Asset Fund I, Profit21.07.2017101.11-0.010.370.331.09----- 
UB Smart20.07.2017138.320.140.42-0.552.165.3310.7520.1551.475.75 
UB Smart A20.07.2017115.460.140.41-0.591.694.238.66--4.52Buy here ›
UB View20.07.201773.280.660.010.741.125.3614.14-0.52-6.366.78Buy here ›
VISIO Allocator20.07.2017186.630.680.060.792.759.2019.6232.5078.5111.08 

* Deferred revenue since the beginning including compensation shares.

**The return figures are corrected with the pay-out of dividends.

Investing in a fund always involves an economic risk. Past performance is no guarantee for future returns and the value of the money invested can increase or decrease. The fund prospectuses and key investor information documents can be obtained mainly in Finnish from UB Fund Management Company or at Investors shall prior to making any investment decisions get acquainted with the relevant material concerning the funds as well as the associated risks. This content is not an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities nor should it be perceived as any other investment recommendation.