Patrick Anderson, CEO, United Bankers Plc

CEO, United Bankers Plc

Patrick Anderson

+358 (0)9 2538 0236
John Ojanperä, CEO, UB Fund Management Ltd

CEO, UB Fund Management Ltd

John Ojanperä

+358 (0)9 2538 0356
Jani Lehti, CEO, UB Asset management Ltd

CEO, UB Asset management Ltd

Jani Lehti

+358 (0)9 2538 0322
Timo Ronkainen, Head of Institutional Asset Management

Head of Institutional Asset Management

Timo Ronkainen

+358 (0)9 2538 0364
Jyrki Thauvón, CEO, UB Brokerage Ltd

CEO, UB Brokerage Ltd

Jyrki Thauvón

+358 40 831 5431
Inka Noramaa, Chief Business Development Officer

Chief Business Development Officer

Inka Noramaa

+358 (0)9 2538 0323
Jarkko Saukkola, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Jarkko Saukkola

+358 (0)50 571 4895

United Bankers Plc’s Management Team is responsible for managing and developing the company’s business as a whole in accordance with the objectives set by the Board of Directors and the CEO. Among other things, the Management Team prepares United Bankers’ strategy, operating principles and other matters of common concern. 


The CEO’s main task is to manage and control the business of the company. The CEO is responsible for implementing United Bankers’ strategy and running the company’s business in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act, the Articles of Association and the guidelines and regulations issued by the Board of Directors.


The CEO and the members of the Management Team carry out full-time duties at the company and have no other material business interests.