United Bankers Group

Finnish asset management and financial markets expert

United Bankers is a mid-sized company specializing in investment products and services. The Finnish investment group started its brokerage operations in 1986. Today, the group offers a wide selection of asset management products and services and capital markets services. In asset management, the company specializes in real asset investments.

Asset management business

United Bankers’ asset management business consists of funds, wealth management and structured investments. United Bankers’ offers the traditional share- and interest rate funds in addition to a broad selection of real asset investment funds. These funds include REIT funds (Real Estate Investment Trust), real estate funds, infrastructure stock funds and forest funds. United Bankers is a forerunner in real asset investments in the Nordic markets.

Capital markets services

United Bankers’ capital markets services includes Corporate Finance advisory services, IPOs, equity-based and debt-based financing and corporate lending platform.