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“The UB Funds enable the investor to get cost-efficient and excellent diversification into asset classes, where it is possible to lower the risk level without compromising the expected return in the long term."
— Juuso Uski, Investment Director

Fund values Real Assets

Best return development

12 month return

FundReturn 12 m
UB European REIT A25,12 %
UB Infra A21,52 %
UB Global REIT A21,04 %

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By number of subscriptions

FundReturn 12 m
UB Nordic Property Fund R4,29 %
UB Smart A8,86 %
UB Emerging Markets Infra A8,9 %


UB is an active player on the bond market in both direct and structured bonds. Our broad Nordic network enables an easy access to interesting bond issuances and secondary markets. Essential in designing the products is the suitability to the customers’ needs and the prevailing market situation.


Asset management

Our asset management services offer a simple solution where our experienced and professional portfolio managers carry the responsibility for the investment decisions. Our experts possess in average 15-20 years of experience from the market. We value personal and professional service for each of our customers. The investment objects are selected on the basis of customer-specific wishes and goals.

A broad diversification both globally and in different asset classes is an essential part of the portfolio’s risk management. Our real asset funds enable a lower risk level without compromising the expected return in the long term.

“Long-term and successful customer relationships are based on trust, which builds on fully understanding each customer’s wishes and goals.”
— Inka Noramaa, Director



UB Securities Ltd offers brokerage and investment advisory services on all major markets. Our brokerage services include shares, ETFs, bonds and derivatives. UB Securities is active on the primary market in listing companies on the Nordic capital market.

Piippo, Orava, Herantis Pharma, Nexstim, Suomen Hoivatilat

Capital market services

Within capital market services UB has a complete corporate offering to clients seeking advice in raising equity, debt or traditional corporate finance services, a one-stop-shop for Finnish corporate clients. The corporate financing fund as well as the crowdfunding channel excellently complement the traditional equity-based options of financial arrangements. UB also acts as an advisor in public mergers and acquisitions. These services include acting as the lead organizer and subscription point of an IPO.

Reliable investment services since 1986

United Bankers is a Finnish investment services group that was founded in 1986. The UB Group has four business areas: asset management, brokerage, investment banking and fund management. The asset management services include discretionary asset management, unique funds and structured products. Our strength lies within our real asset investment solutions.

The company is independent from bank groups and mainly owned by its personnel (approx. 60%). United Bankers Plc has been listed on First North Growth Market Finland (Nasdaq Helsinki) since November 2014.

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